Over the past year I've worked with some other wonderful freelancers, publishers and packagers. And I did some additional research to present a talk on "The Ins and Outs of Hiring a Freelance Editor" at the Washington Romance Writers Retreat! So I thought I'd share some of the information I discovered...

Here are a few of the many places to search for the right editor for you. Though these sites are all reputable, and I've known authors who highly recommend the sites, it is an author's responsibility to check references and make sure the editor you choose is right for you, professional and will deliver what your manuscript needs.

Editorial Freelancers Association - If you need to find an editor, writer, indexer, proofreader or other professionals in the editorial market, this is the place to go. There's a Job Board where you can post your project, and you can also browse the directory and review the membership, reaching out to the specific editor you'd like to interview.

Reedsy - A clearinghouse to find editors, designers, marketers and more. Browse for professionals you like, see sample edits, have conversations, make a decision. But you retain all the control and choose which areas you use.

Publishers Marketplace - A tremendously useful listing of all the deals, members, publishers and more. You can also search for "freelance editors" or "consulting editors" and view the material offered.

Independent Editors Group - A group of professional editors who offer their services in editing, coaching, writing, consultation and more.

Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders, Indexers - The joy of the modern world is that you can hire the right editor no matter what country they live in. Although the organization is based in Ireland, their editors are available from authors around the world.

Bibliocrunch - you would need to join the site to access the material, but they are a highly curated group.

Society for Editors and Proofreaders - a UK based organization that curates professional editors for a variety of projects. As with most of these sites, you can find editors who are comfortable in whatever "language" you prefer!


˜There are also some author/agent sites that have collated names and recommendations--again, be sure you do your research on these editors before hiring them. 

˜Jane Friedman's Recommended Resources

Laura Resnick's Recommendations

˜Helping Writers Become Authors Recommendations

Nathan Bransford's blog post

The Creative Penn Editors

Rachelle Gardner's blog post


The best way to find an editor might be from someone you know and trust.

RWA members and chapters can give you feedback or insight or share knowledge

Writers Beware is the SFWA's update on information about resources and warnings

Check in with your local colleges, universities, SCE courses, libraries and such. Then check out experience and references. Having someone local that you can meet with can be invaluable for writers at the beginning of their careers.