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“Mary-Theresa is a terrific editor—my books were always improved by her input. She has an unerring eye for what’s not quite right, knows just where things need tweaking, and offers specific, helpful suggestions. But she edits with a light hand—I can’t over-emphasize the importance of that from an author’s perspective. Mary-Theresa understands how critical it is to retain an author’s 'voice. I always felt my books were still my books when we were done — only better. Much better.”

— Amelia Autin, Award Winning Author

“Matrice took me from newbie writer to veteran author of 17 books. She’s insightful, thoughtful, kind, and not afraid to tell you to rewrite a book entirely if that’s what it needs. My only regret in recommending her is that it means I have to share!”

 — C.E. Murphy, author extraordinaire!






 (Catie also wrote my favorite set of dedications--I've been known to drag people to the shelves to read the Negotiator series dedications in order! :))

“Matrice’s knowledge of story is extensive and invaluable. With every conversation we had, I was continually amazed at her sharp insights and compassion for the integrity of the work, and collaborating with her has been a first-rate education on what makes a good book great. With Matrice, there was never any question that my work was in excellent hands.”

— Aimée Carter, National Bestselling Author

"Mary-Theresa is the type of editor every author should be lucky enough to work with in their career. She has a keen eye, a commitment to helping shape the work and a deft pen as equally generous with praise as with edits. Her love of story comes through in every dimension - from the first pass to the last line edit - and she's truly a joy to work with."

--Addison Fox

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“Mary-Theresa Hussey is a meticulous editor with a sharp eye for effective storytelling, believable character motivation, and genuine emotion. She brings her passion as a lifelong avid reader to her collaborative skills. Every project I have experienced with this talented editor has made my books better. With her vast industry experience, and her attention to detail, she is a shining rare gem.”

— Jordan Dane, National Bestselling Author

Mary-Theresa acquired my very first book--then eighteen more. She showed me on a word-by-word basis how to tighten my prose and on a book-by-book basis how to refine my plot and develop my characters. My favorite edits from her always include the phrase "Show me more of this!" I would not be the writer I am today if not for her advice and guidance early in my career, and I consider myself blessed to have worked with her for eight years!

--Rachel Vincent, New York Times bestselling author

"I worked with Matrice on my debut, SHRIKE: THE MASKED SONGBIRD. It was my first experience working with a professional editor, and I really had no idea what to expect. I was more than a little nervous, but turns out I didn't need to be.

Not only were her notes insightful, kind, and very useful, but she helped me bring out the best in my book throughout the entire process. The best editors not only help catch what you yourself miss, but they draw out the best of what's already there and hone it, while teaching you to put those things into practice later. Matrice did all of those things and more. She was an absolute joy to work with, and her work on SHRIKE: THE MASKED SONGBIRD helped make it into a book I could be proud of even three years after writing it." 

--Emmie Mears