Manuscript Review/
Developmental Edit

I’ll read through the project and give a 3-5 page letter breaking down concerns or problems with overall issues — structure, pacing, characterization, plot issues, etc. It won't include typos, grammar and such (unless I just can't help myself at that time!)

This will include either three rounds of emails to clarify points, or an hour of phone/Skype discussion.

Manuscript Edit

I’ll review the manuscript and edit it (in Word) with margin notes and corrections, discussing structural, pacing, and characterization errors. While not a copy-edit, this will also catch most spelling, grammar and typos. This can include 60 minutes of phone/Skype clarification or a few rounds of email clarification.

Proposal Review

If an author needs feedback before starting the full manuscript, I can review the story idea or proposal, make comments and have a discussion about the direction of the story.

Author Brand Review

I can review social media profile and give suggestions about positioning and development.

Editorial Review

I will give feedback on any project that requires an edit — resume, speech, paper, etc.

Additional Options

  • Discussion of Career and where to focus
  • Reviewing query letters and proposals
  • Copywriting (cover)

Writing Recommendations:

I’ve definitely learned that each author works in her own unique way, and no two writing books will strike the same chord with the same authors. However, there are a number of titles that I’ve come to find really useful over the years. Here’s a selection — and more will be coming. 


STORY by Robert McKee (though focusing on screenplays, it does have a wealth of information and techniques)

WRITING A ROMANCE NOVEL FOR DUMMIES by Leslie Wainger (though it hasn’t been updated, the craft elements are great!)

GMC: GOAL, MOTIVATION, CONFLICT by Debra Dixon (clear, concise and so useful!)

ON WRITING by Stephen King (memoir, craft, inspiration!)