A question of identity...

So last week I probably spent about seven or eight hours (or more) trying to figure out/design/purchase business cards for myself.

Over the years I've seen plenty, admired many, and kept and recorded and passed along lots. But recently I've been more focused on getting the info into my electronic contacts and then letting go of the card itself.

But when I actually had to design and buy my own cards? The horrors! I went to one site and then another and searched through 900+ different styles of cards and set one up and then I would change and cancel and then do it all over again.  The colors looked wrong, it was busy, it was plain, it was too elaborate, too...  So I tweaked this and that and then started all over again.

There were colors and icons and pictures and images and fonts and so many choices that seemed appealing, but how to get a card that feels like me? That represents me to others? For years I just had a company card, and didn't think about it, but now the options are limitless!

So in the end I went fairly simple (I'll probably post again when they actually arrive and are in my hands!). Because I realized that those cards are just for who I am now--I'm not locked into reordering them if I don't like them, and I can try a different version whenever I want.

And that's a good thing to remember. We can change and adapt and tweak all we want. And if it doesn't work, we can just start over again.

Has anyone else struggled with choosing business cards?  It's tough! :)