RWA week....

For those involved in romance writing,the Romance Writers of America National Conference week is notorious, glorious, exhausting, exhilarating, informative, fun and just plain overwhelming!

Two thousand plus (about 98% women) gather to talk about the business of writing, learn new techniques and tricks, hone their skills, talk to friends, meet fans, eat crazy things at all hours, go to parties, see the city and snatch a few hours sleep now and then. The majority are authors, but agents, editors, publishers, marketers and more also make up the total.

Though the main functions are Thursday morning to Saturday night, there are special functions on Wednesday, and often Tuesday and people can start coming in on Monday to get the lay of the land before everything starts up.

If you are in NYC this week there is a Book Signing on Wednesday for Literacy. Here are the details:  An impressive list of authors donate their time--and big thanks to the volunteers and publishers who make it all work! The money donated goes to literacy causes, and the total donation will probably be over a million dollars in the next three years.


And if you're interested in learning more about RWA, go to the website. There are probably local chapters wherever you are in North America, and also twenty or so online and special interest chapters you can join.

And if you're in NYC this week, do look me up at the hotel! Like many, I'll probably be circling around the lobby area...