A dog's life...

I was having dinner with my niece this evening, and she’d overheard a discussion about my lack of blogging/updating the site.

After showing her the site she was delighted to see her old calendar had appeared on it. She also wanted to see something new—and about dogs. 😊


She has a gorgeous (cute, handsome, smart and many other adjectives) silver lab named Beau and wanted a picture of him here.  So meet Beau! (as a puppy)

But it did remind me that I’ve had to research something about dogs a couple of times this year. When do you capitalize the breed name or not?

For some it’s easy—if it has a place name (German shepherd, Yorkshire terrier, Afghan hound) the location is capitalized, the generic (beagle, poodle, spaniel) is lowercased.

Mostly it’s simple, but funnily enough, I get stuck on Labrador retriever a lot! In the full name it is capitalized, but what to do about Lab? I’ve looked this up multiple times on multiple sites giving multiple explanations before finally printing myself a note. 😊  

It’s a Lab!